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Explore a thriving ecosystem of IT excellence. Our IT companies are the backbone of Surat's digital transformation, driving innovation and success.

Company Challenges

Surat IT Hub was likely established to address these challenges and create a supportive environment.

Limited Networking

Companies in Surat may have limited opportunities to network and collaborate with other IT-related businesses, professionals, and startups in the area.

Finding Skilled Talent

Finding skilled and trained IT professionals locally may be a challenge, leading to a skill gap in the workforce.

Limited Visibility

Smaller IT companies and startups may face difficulties in gaining visibility and exposure, resulting in limited client reach and growth opportunities.

Lack of Innovation Support

Startups and entrepreneurs may struggle to find the necessary support, resources, and mentorship to nurture and grow their innovative ideas.

Resource Constraints

Startups and smaller companies may face resource constraints, including funding, infrastructure, and access to technology.

Fragmented Community

The IT community in Surat may be fragmented, lacking a centralized platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

How SIH Assist to

IT Companies?

Partner with us to access a dynamic network of IT professionals, tap into local talent, foster innovation, & gain brand recognition.

Solution By Community

Surat IT Hub (SIH) can offer various solutions and support services to IT companies in the Surat region.

Networking and Collaboration

Surat IT Hub provides a centralized platform for companies to network, collaborate, and form partnerships with other IT businesses, professionals, and startups.

Access to Skilled Talent

Access to a large pool of IT talent and resources in Surat, through campus visits, internships, mentorship, and placement programs.

Innovation Ecosystem

Surat IT Hub fosters an innovation-friendly environment, offering support, mentorship, resources for startups & entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into successful ventures.

Increased Visibility and Branding

Increased visibility and credibility for their products and services, through our website, social media, and events.

Startup & Mentorship Support

Surat IT Hub provides startups and smaller companies with access to mentorship, funding opportunities, and infrastructure to facilitate their growth and development.

CSR Initiatives

Encourage IT companies to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that benefit the local community and environment, fostering a positive corporate image.


Surat's Tech Future

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