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The collaboration between Surat IT Hub and local IT colleges can be mutually beneficial, fostering the growth
and development of the IT ecosystem in Surat.

College Challenges

IT College in Surat may have faced various challenges related to student career and development.

Outdated Curriculum

Many IT colleges struggle to keep their curriculum up-to-date with rapidly evolving technology trends.

No Industry Connections

Without strong connections, IT colleges may have difficulty arranging internships, guest lectures, and industry visits for their students.

Job Placement Difficulties

Finding suitable job opportunities that aligned with the college's skill set and career goals is challenging.

Lack of Industry-Relevant Events

The absence of industry-related events, workshops, and seminars may have limited student's exposure to the latest industry and technologies trends.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

IT colleges may lack resources and support systems for students interested in entrepreneurship and starting their own tech startups.

Lack of Student Awareness

Many students in Surat were not aware of the opportunities in the IT industry that is challenging for tech college.

How SIH Assist to

IT College?

Collaborate with us to enhance your curriculum, provide career opportunities, and connect your students with industry leaders.

Solution By Community

SIH aims to enhance the college development and career opportunities of college students in Surat.

Curriculum Enhancement

Collaborate with IT colleges to ensure that their curriculum aligns with industry needs and current technological trends.

Skill Development

Offer training programs, workshops, and seminars to IT college students to enhance their practical skills and provide exposure to real-world IT challenges.

Guest Lectures and Workshops

Invite experts & professionals to deliver guest lectures and workshops at IT colleges, providing students to insights of industry trends & technologies.

Guidance & Mentorship Programs

Establish mentorship programs where IT college students can be paired with experienced IT professionals from SIH. They can guide students in their career development.

Career Placement

Connect graduating students with job placement services within Surat IT Hub, helping them find suitable positions in IT companies or startups.

Entrepreneurship Support

Encourage entrepreneurship among IT college students by offering resources, mentorship, and access to startup incubation programs within SIH.


Transforming Tech Education

IT Colleges, join forces with Surat IT Hub to transform your institution into a hub of IT excellence.

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