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Institute Challenges

All educational institutions, face several challenges in delivering quality education and preparing students for the rapidly evolving field of IT

Lack of Updated Curriculum

IT institutes need to design and implement curriculum as per market demand.

Lack of Industry Connection

IT Institutes often lack close collaboration with industry, which can make it difficult to keep up with the latest trends.

Lack of Qualified Faculty

IT institutes often face a lack of qualified faculty, which can make it difficult to provide the high-quality education.

Lack of Student Awareness

Many students are not aware of the opportunities in the IT industry, which can make it difficult.

Lack of Job Placements

Ensuring that students have access to job placements in the IT industry can be challenging.

Lack of Visibility

Nowadays you are best but without visibility it is worthless. Institutes may fail to reach students.

How SIH Assist To

IT Institutes?

Access resources, collaboration, and industry insights to empower your institute and students for success.

Solution By Community

IT institute will get direct or indirect benefits and solution from Surat It Hub community.

Industry Collaboration

SIH can serve as a bridge between institutes and local companies. This can enhance student's practical experience and job prospects.

Curriculum Enhancement

With inputs from Surat IT Hub and it's industry partners, IT institutes can update their curricula to ensure they are aligned with the latest industry trends and demands.

Professional Development

IT institutes can benefit from SIH's expert sessions, workshops, and training programs, which can help faculty members stay updated and enhance their teaching skills.

Job Placement Support

Surat IT Hub's job placement services can assist IT institutes in placing their graduates in reputable IT companies, boosting their reputation and employability.

Soft Skills Development

Collaborative efforts with Surat IT Hub can help institutes integrate soft skills development into their programs, preparing students for well-rounded careers.

Networking Opportunities

Institutes can benefit from networking opportunities at SIH events, allowing them to connect with industry professionals, other educational institutions, and potential partners.


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